What We Do

EL Investment Group is a cutting edge investment group with the experience and skills to get homes sold quickly and for the most money.

We buy homes from people in many different situations including:

  • Owners who need to sell estate property quickly
  • Owners who want to sell rental property with problematic renters
  • Owners who have been transferred or are relocating
  • Owners who are going through a divorce and needing to liquidate assets
  • Owners who are behind on their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure
  • Owners who don’t want to invest time or money into making necessary repairs

We strive to ensure the homeowners we work with a quick, hassle free sale.

Once we purchase a home we:

  • Inspect & determine a reasonable price
  • Renovate the home using experienced contractors to ensure a high quality result
  • Stage the home with custom select furniture & accessories
  • Check comps in the area to make sure our pricing is competitive

                       Kitchen Renovation Before

Forest - Willoughby 1

                        Kitchen Renovation After

Forest, Willoughby 2