Home Investments

Latham-MurpheyI am a registered investment adviser in Gates Mills, OH. I have invested with EL Investment Group, LLC on their sale and rental properties and have been very happy with the results! In today’s volatile market, I feel safe with the investment because it is tied to real estate. And best of all, I get the return on my investment without the hassles and headaches of property management. I receive my monthly return on investment on time, each and every month. My experience with EL Investment Group, LLC has been so positive that I have referred friends and family to join me in this great opportunity.

With Erick Miller’s expertise in selecting the properties and their quality remodels, EL Investments  possess’ the skills and experience needed to get properties sold quickly. I would highly recommend EL Investment!

– Latham W. Murfey, III CFA
Headwaters Investment Counsel & Asset Management, Gates Mills, Ohio

I am more than happy to tell people what a great experience I have had with EL Investment Groups home investments! I have worked with EL Investment Group several times and have been very pleased with the return on investment. They have proven themselves to be honest and straightforward in the way they do business. EL Investment Group did exactly what they said they would do, and I received my return in a timely manner every time I have invested. I would definitely refer EL Investment Group, LLC as a great opportunity to anyone looking to invest!

– Sally Stipcic